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If you have suffered an injury while working a federal job, you need a team of qualified, experienced federal workers’ compensation experts to help you navigate the Office of the Workers’ Compensation Programs forms and filing procedures. At Elite Health Care Center, our friendly staff has the expertise necessary to help you address the documentation, medical care, and the emotional strain that you are experiencing. We always put your needs first.

When you require a doctor in DC, MD, VA area, it is important to take advantage of your options. Many agencies will recommend a “company doctor;” however, you always have a choice in your care. At Elite Healthcare Center, we regularly communicate with the Department of Labor on your behalf. It also doesn’t matter whether you live in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia; our team of federal injury experts will make sure that you get the compensation and medical care that you need and deserve.

How we do it?

Medical Documentation That Our Doctors and Our Experienced Staff Handles

Our federal workers compensation doctors in Metro DC are here to restore your health. But when the complicated paperwork is weighing you down, it can be difficult to focus on the things that really matter. Rest assured that our team of  injury experts is here to guide you through the following:

  • Our medical doctors will properly diagnose the injury.
  • We will provide doctors’ notes.
  • Elite Healthcare Center’s doctors will draft a clear and effective statement to the Department of Labor. We will explain the link between your injury and your actions at work.
  • We review treatment options with you.
  • Our federal injury experts keep your federal injury paperwork updated. We can also assist you with completing the CA-1, CA-2, and CA-7 forms.
  • Experienced doctors will update any additional injuries that occur on the job.
  • An Expert doctor can complete a Scheduled Award Impairment Rating (6th edition)
Who We Help

Who we help and how we make a difference

The federal workers compensation doctors at Elite Healthcare Center are seasoned professionals. We have helped patients from multiple agencies such as postal employees, border patrol, FBI agents, IRS works, and many more get the treatment they deserve. Federal employees can suffer work-related injuries through no fault of their own. We have helped them. We’re here to help you, too.

At Elite Healthcare, we understand that each person has unique medical needs. We are committed to helping you recover so that you can get back to work. Our experts can also provide spinal trigger point therapy, form assistance, joint trigger point therapy, injury symptom assistance, and more. We take your individual needs into consideration and that includes the emotional aspects that can happen after an injury.

Call Elite Healthcare today to get you the medical care and documentation assistance that you need. We can often help avoid delays in compensation, and we will always support you through your recovery.

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