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Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial


“I’m getting sensation and strength back into my legs and feet.”

“I decided to seek treatment at Elite Health Care Center. The Doctor put me on a treatment program involving nerve rebuilding and other treatments to allow the nerves in my leg and feet to heal. He also put me on a nutritional program to help control my diabetes. The results have been fantastic and I now have the sensation and strength back into my legs and feet and my walking has improved tremendously.” - Howard K.


“The knee injections were not as painful as I expected.”

“I was so afraid of getting injections in my knee but I was more afraid of getting my knee replaced. I went ahead with the knee program here and it really was not as painful as I expected. It hurt a tiny bit but I was fine after knowing what to expect. Now I can play golf and go for long walks with my husband.” - Martha M.


“I can play with my grandchildren again!”

“I have not been able to get down on the floor and play with my grand babies in the last two years because my knees were so bad. Not anymore. After 6 treatments I can play with my grandchildren and even walk 2 miles at a time.” – Sylvia R.


“The injections worked better than my hip replacement.”

“I came to Elite Health Care Center because I had already had one hip replaced and was not going to do another. The injections I had in my hip worked so much better than my hip replacement. I am pain free. Thank you to all the staff at the office. They made my visits so pleasant and really took the time to make sure all of my concerns were met.” – Ray M.


“I stopped taking my pain pills and still had little or no pain”

“For approximately 15 years, I have suffered with severe lower back pain. The pain was so great that I had difficulty walking, sitting, bending and almost any type of movement involving my lower back. Two previous doctors prescribed pain pills. I took Daypro for 10 years with little or no relief. Sleeping for more than three hours at night was a rare event. My waking time was 4:00 am or earlier every morning due to pain in my back and legs.

I came in and had a consultation and decided to start non-surgical decompression. I did not want surgery and wanted a more natural approach to treating my pain. Within approximately three weeks I noticed some improvement in my ability to move without extreme pain. Shortly thereafter, I stopped my pain pills and still had little or no pain. As the New Year starts, I feel like a new person with no pain. I have the ability and energy to do things I haven’t been able to do for the past 15 years.

Thank you Dr. Weinberg for having the ability to improve my lifestyle. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me.” – Karen P.


“After the 7th treatment I found myself standing up with very little pain”

“An MRI showed that I needed to have my 4th & 5th vertebrae fused. The pain was so intense my doctor sent me for three epidurals. I had an appointment with a back surgeon but before my appointment, I saw an advertisement for a procedure that would alleviate my back without surgery or drugs. Non-surgical decompression really helped me and prevented me from having surgery. After the 7th treatment I found myself standing upright with very little pain.” – Susan W.


"After five treatments on a consistent basis I could sleep at night"

“When I called Dr. Weinberg asking for an urgent appointment I was desperate. The pain in my low back and in my left leg started suddenly and did not leave for several weeks. An MRI showed herniated disk in L5-S1. I tried different painkillers and steroids, and nothing helped. My neurologist said that if my pain does not stop after taking steroids I have only one option left. It meant: go for an operation. My pain did not stop. I couldn’t sleep at night or relax during the day because I could not lay or sit without experiencing terrible pain. I could barely dress myself. I was absolutely devastated. After talking with me, Dr. Weinberg said that I was a good candidate for a DRS program. After five treatments on a consistant basis I could sleep at night without taking any pills.” – Jason Q.

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