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What To Expect on Your First Visit

We want to provide the best possible Treatment Care Plan for each patient. This starts with  a thorough health history and knowing all your health concerns. This includes your family history, other medical care you may have had, your job, traumas and other questions designed to help determine the cause of your problem and the best way to go about treating the problem. Next, a physical examination will be performed which may include X-Rays, a Neurological Exam, an Orthopedic Exam and other diagnostic procedures if needed.

This information is collected to determine the most accurate diagnosis and thoroughly inform you of your condition and options for care. We  then design a personalized treatment program that fits with your schedule and needs. A typical treatment program can be spread over a few weeks.

Many of our patients experience relief within a couple weeks from their symptoms, but it is important to complete the entire therapy program in order to insure optimal results. Also, we will provide instructions for any home or self-care if needed.

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