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A Passion for Providing Excellent Care For Injured Federal Employees in the DC Area

When it comes to the treatment of your injuries, whether it is a federal workers comp injury or a standard workers comp injury, you deserve the best. The trend in our fast paced society is to get from patient to patient as fast as possible, but we make sure we deal with each patient on a one-on-one basis.

DOL-OWCP Injury Claims Experts

We have heard all of the stories out there and we set out to make sure Federal Injury Centers does not fall into any of those problems. When you are injured on the job or as a federal employee, there are certain procedures and policies that are in place for the claims. The greater Washington area has a large number of federal employees, so we made sure to focus on proper treatment. We were committed to making sure our entire staff is fully trained in all of those policies so that there are no delays or unapproved claims from the way we handle our patients’ paperwork and treatment.

Experienced in Federal Workers' Compensation

You have certain rights that protect you and assist you in receiving the best treatment. Whether you are in Washington D.C. or anywhere you are attempting to receive treatment for a work-related injury, you have the right to choose your own doctor instead of using the company-provided doctor. Our doctors want you to receive the best treatment and get your injury taken care of as quickly as possible. Knowing your rights is a huge step when it comes to our patients receiving all that they deserve.

Federal Injury Centers is committed to Washington D.C. and the entire greater Washington area to provide the top medical services and to assist all of our patients in proper claim processing. We are determined to take the hassles off your shoulders and help you to focus on healing your injury, not processing paperwork.

If You File Incorrectly You Could Lose Your Benefits.
Let Us Help!

Your claim could be denied because of one of the following:

  • Can’t find a doctor who will accept DOL-OWCP.
  • Can’t find a doctor who understands causation and can write reports getting claims accepted.
  • Employees’ misunderstanding of their rights under the Department of Labor Office of Workers Comp Programs (DOL/OWCP).
  • Supervisors not providing the help they are required to provide to employees who are injured on the job.
  • Employees fear of being fired if they file a work injury claim (following all of the rules prevents any such thing from happening).

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