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Experienced Federal Workers Comp Doctors

DOL-OWCP Injury Experts in Washington DC

In the event that you suffer an injury while working a federal job, you’ll want to enlist the help of Elite Health Care Center. Our friendly staff has the necessary expertise when it comes to the documentation, medical care, and the emotional strain that you are going through, and we always put your needs first. 

When you require a DOL doctor in the Metro DC area, it’s important that you know you have options. Many agencies will recommend a company doctor. However, you may not know that the choice is up to you. We aren’t associated with a federal agency, but we do cordially and productively communicate with them on your behalf. We want to ensure that you get the compensation and medical care that you need and deserve to make your life run smoothly again. 

Medical Documentation That Our DOL Doctors and Our Experienced Staff Handles

Our federal workers compensation doctors in Metro DC want you to be confident as you restore your health. But when you have paperwork weighing you down, it can be difficult to focus on the things that matter. That’s why we handle and guide you through the following:

  • Our medical doctors will properly diagnose the injury.
  • We’ll provide doctors’ notes.
  • Our DOL doctors appropriately and clearly explain the relationship between your injury and actions at work. 
  • We review treatment options with you.
  • We keep federal injury paperwork updated. 
  • We update any additional injuries that occur on the job.

Who We Can Help and How We How Make a Difference

Our federal workers compensation doctors have helped people from multiple agencies. Postal employees, border patrol, FBI agents, IRS workers, and many more that work in federal agencies have had injuries that occur at no fault of their own. And each person is unique in the medical care they’ll need to regain their health and recover so they can get back to work.

Our DOL doctors can help with spinal trigger point therapy, OWCP form assistance, joint trigger point therapy, injury symptom assistance, and beyond. We take your individual needs into consideration and that includes the emotional aspects that can happen after an injury. 

Let us take the pressure off this unpleasant situation and get you the medical care you need and the support for complex documentation. We don’t want to see any delays in compensation and we always work with you to ensure a thorough recovery. 


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